My Weight-Loss Story

In the spring of 2013 I was just getting back into the groove of paintball. I hadn’t played all winter long and of course, I was a little rusty.

I know what you’re thinking. What does paintball have to do with losing weight? Well…it has everything to do with it.

I started a team with some friends and we were playing some intense games and I just couldn’t keep up. I was out of shape, I was out of breath and I was embarrassed. I went home that night and for the first time since I was a teenager, really looked into a mirror and said to myself “Holy crap, Josh. You are disgusting, fat and ugly.”

I really felt that way…I didn’t realize that over the last 3 years I had gained over 60 pounds. I went from being a skinny teenager to a fat 20 year old.
I was lazy and didn’t care about my health or weight.

One night a friend and I were joking around and made a bet. We would both diet and try to lose some weight. He wanted to lose 15 pounds, I wanted (jokingly) to lose 50…I didn’t know then but that would be the start of my year long journey.

I tried diets in the past. Low calorie, low fat, etc. I had never tried low carb, so I gave it a shot. My first week SUCKED, well actually my first month sucked. I had to let my body get used to the diet. Once my body got used to the change, it was, for the most part smooth sailing.

I will tell you now…more than likely you will not see results your first week. I didn’t start seeing results until my first month in. But as soon as I saw results, it was on.

I started my diet weighing 206 pounds. I made a goal that before July 4th I wanted to be under 200 pounds. I started my diet in April, plenty of time.

I weighed myself on July 3rd…199 pounds. You have no idea how freaking happy I was. I weighed myself probably 10 more times just to make sure it was correct. I was ecstatic.

A week later I weighed myself again, I had lost another 6 pounds. After 5 months I had lost 30 pounds. I was feeling great until….my church closed. I got depressed and went back to the only thing I knew would cure my depression….food.

I stopped my diet, ate like crap, didn’t care. All I wanted was comfort…food brought me comfort. It wasn’t until September that I realized that I was an idiot and I started my diet again, it was harder than starting the first time.

A couple months went by. Id lose 2 pounds one week, gain 3 the next. That’s when I crashed…I’m ashamed to admit it but at one point I actually stopped eating. I wanted to see results so bad that I nearly starved myself. I’d go a couple days without hardly any food just to lose an extra pound.

(Do not EVER starve yourself to lose weight. It is a terrible idea and it is very unhealthy. Stick to your diet…have patience. )


Fall of 2013, I’ve lost 40 pounds. I’m feeling great. My goal was to be at 156lbs by the new year. This was my last push. I really cut back, no more cheat meals, no more munching…

I weighed myself New Year’s Eve…I weighed exactly 156lbs. I was done, it was over! I reached my goal. Never have I been more proud of myself than that moment right there.

One hundred and fifty six pounds. I’m still amazed to this day to say that I lost 50 pounds. I can brag about it because I sacrificed so much and went though a lot to get to my goal.

I was done trying to lose weight, I wanted to maintain so I started eating carbs again but I didn’t go insane. I continued with my low carb diet until April of 2014. One year to date, I had lost 53 pounds, went from a size 38 waist to a size 32, went from wearing an XL tshirt down to a medium.

Wanna know what kept me going? I thought if I lost weight a certain girl (who will remain nameless) would go out with me. I thought wrong…

I also did it for myself…I did it to prove to others that I can do whatever I put my mind to. I had people the whole way tell me to give up, to stop because they wanted to see me fail.
I did it for my friends who cheered me on, that wanted to see me complete my goal.

I can honestly tell you that losing 53 pounds has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I have WAY more confidence in myself, I feel better mentally and physically and I proved all the haters wrong.

When one of the best looking girls at work comes up to you and tells you that you look good, you look skinny and she’s proud of you…it makes it all worth it.

I can look in a mirror now and not be ashamed of what I see. I can ask a girl out with confidence cause even if she says no…I still had the courage and confidence to do it…something I didn’t have a year ago.

I also forgot to mention that one of my goals 4 years ago was to run in a 5k…I never thought I’d do it. Well…early this month I completed my first 5k…I actually had tears of joy because for the first time in a long time I felt good about myself.

To my friend Tyler Boyd. I want to thank you for pushing me to do a diet and lose weight. Without you I would still be 206 pounds. Thank you for encouraging me and believing in me.

So that’s it…that’s pretty much my story.

I will write another blog soon about weight loss tips and how I lost all the weight. I think I’ve written enough for one blog. Thanks for reading!

Below is a picture of myself from 2012 to 2014!


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